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In September of 1954, Sisters of the Holy Ghost arrived here and found an eager prospective student body of six hundred childrenand only eight classrooms in which to receive them. Due to the shortage of teachers and classroom space, it was necessary to schedule double sessions and the staff found itself woefully short of materials and equipment. Classes were begun with a staff of four Sisters and three lay teachers working with Sister Zita, the first principal. Mrs. O. J. Jaloway was the first president of the hastily organized P.T.O., which set to work immediately with the Men’s Club and other parish organizations to provide the school with the needed materials and equipment.


In 1955, two more Sisters joined the faculty the following year and three additional classrooms relieved the overcrowded classes.


In the 1960's, the number of classrooms were raised to sixteen.


In 1966, the Library and Science Room were ready for use. The increase in enrollment necessitated enlarging the teaching staff with additional lay teachers and a librarian joining the staff that year.


In September of 1969, the consolidation of all parochial seventh and eighth grade class units into two junior high schools made SS. Cyril and Methodius a central elementary school for several parishes.


Currently, SS. Cyril and Methodius School, is a cultural and spiritual force in the parish community, developing from a unit of four classrooms to a physical plant of sixteen classrooms, a library, and a computer lab.   The progress of the school is directly attributed to the cooperation among the priests, school faculty, school parents and the parish community.