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Education & Curriculum

SSCM School follows the curriculum developed by the Diocese of Corpus Christi Office of Catholic Schools that provides the students an opportunity to use their God-given talents to succeeding in accomplishing their grade level goals. Teachers in K5 – 5th grade offer a combination of whole group and small group instruction to create a learning environment that is supportive, nurturing and challenging. They work closely with colleagues to identify and implement best practices in curriculum and are involved in ongoing professional development. Student centered learning expands teaching beyond the textbook.

Religion - It focuses on the basics of Catholic doctrine in an environment that reinforces Christian virtues and values and brings students to a better understanding of their faith by strengthening their relationship with Christ as a central figure in their lives.
Along with daily classes, students benefit from service projects on all grade levels, faith experiences such as the Living Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Adoration, May Crowning, retreats and visits from parish priests who engage students to share their faith experiences.
Language Arts - integrates reading, writing, listening, speaking and spelling skills. Reading instruction includes phonics in early years, reading and comprehending both fiction and non- fiction.
Math - emphasizes application, problem solving and a conceptual understanding of math and basic mathematical computation. Critical thinking and construction of math understanding are integral parts of the total program.
Social Studies - is designed to create a better understanding of our world and the people who helped shape it. Children learn history at many levels, including state history, our country’s history, and world history.
Science - introduces children to the scientific method as they learn to gather data, analyze results and reach conclusions. A strong emphasis on problem solving, hands on learning, and working in small groups. Some lessons allow children to learn outdoors and others include science experiments.
STREAM Program - (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art & Math) is reflected in the Diocesan Curriculum. It is designed to inspire critical thinking, collaboration and student inquiry using an integrated and applied approach all while encouraging students to take risks and solve real problems.

Technology - is embedded in the curriculum, through the use of Chromebooks. We expose our students to new and varied forms of technology in the classroom in order to supplement and broaden instruction. It is our position that using technology across content areas creates well-rounded and inquisitive students.

Physical Education - is designed to enhance a child’s overall physical development, and include activities that are fun, engaging, and physically active.

Art - Children learn basic art concepts and are introduced to various projects throughout the curriculum. Emphasis is on creativity and providing an experience for students to use their gifts and talent.

Music - Students will learn through singing, movement & listening, Music is a performing art, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Christmas Program yearly and sing weekly at school mass.